Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM)

UPOU Incident Command System


The UPOU Incident Command System (ICS) shall be based on the recorded type of incident.

<aside> 💬 Responsible Official (RO) has the authority in making decisions and providing directions to the UPOU, in particular, the UPOU community in general during emergencies and disasters.

⚠️ In the absence of the Chancellor, the succession of command is as follows or can be delegated by the Chancellor through an issuance or instruction: 1. Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration; 2. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; 3. Dean - FMDS 4. Dean - FICS 5. Dean - FEd 6. University Registrar 7. Any of the Directors






📌 ** The highest UPOU official present on site shall assume the authority to manage the emergency or disaster response operations and shall turnover the authority as soon as the designated Responsible Official is available.

📌 The Responsible Official shall give authority to the Incident Commander to manage the incident.

What to do during disasters?

DRRM Training and Events

Understanding DRRM

“Disaster risk management is the application of disaster risk reduction policies and strategies to prevent new disaster risk, reduce existing disaster risk and manage residual risk, contributing to the strengthening of resilience and reduction of disaster losses.” —UNDRR

Disaster risk reduction is the concept and practice of reducing disaster risks through systematic efforts to analyze and reduce the causal factors of disasters.” —UNESCO

“Hazards become disasters when vulnerable conditions exist among people, resources and other elements are exposed to risk, and capacity/measures to cope with consequences are insufficient.” —NDRRMP

Roles and Responsibilities of DRRM Committee Members

✅ Develop policies and guidelines on DRRM of UPOU;

✅ Plan and implement activities related to DRRM; and

✅ Monitor the DRRM activities.

UPOU as a Sustainability Campus



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Education and Communication Materials

📝 The basics of the Philippine DRRM system

📝 NSTP Common Module Topic 6A: Disaster Risk Reduction and Management


Policies and Guidelines